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Borrowing techniques from the world of improv comedy, our experts help your team members develop their leadership skills. With scenarios directly from your industry, participants take on the role of the leader, the employee and observers. After a brief "meeting" between the leader and the employee, observers let the leader know how his or her behavior affected the employee.

Participants quickly come to know what they are doing right, what they can improve, and how to improve. The format provides opportunities for quick learning and lots of practice.

We meet once a week for an hour with your team, giving them the essentials for running their own on-going program. After a month (or two--your choice), they can take over, helping each other to develop crucial interaction skills for leadership. We provide new scenarios each week, helping them to progress to more difficult interactions at their own speed.

Contact Leslie Martinich to arrange for a discussion of your needs at 512.423.5121 or

Comments from previous participants:

"This scenario seems like it is straight out of my everyday work!" (from a manager at a research institute).

."This exact thing happened to me. I wish I'd had this class before!" (from a director in the electrical utilities industry)

"My manager needs this class!" (from a manager in the oil and gas industry).

"Thank you, this helped us a lot." (from a site manager in the drilling industry).