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Leading Innovation

Creating change in a large organization to pursue innovative ways to drive growth is a challenging task. This program is designed to help you navigate this process.

Our two-day program on Leading Innovation takes advantage of our expertise and research to provide you with the tools and strategy to build your organization’s innovation capability throughout periods of uncertainty and changing markets.

Technology changes rapidly, and your firm’s ability to innovate and adapt to new conditions will determine its ability to survive. This program will provide you with a broad spectrum of tools and a course of action to improve your ability to manage innovative engineering efforts and increase adaptability and resilience, greatly increasing your ability to sustain a competitive advantage.

Based on the practices of successful innovative companies, this workshop provides tools and approaches for

The workshop presents the steps you need to take to drive innovation, including

The workshop details the workings of an Innovation Council, including how to

Audience: Engineering managers and individual contributors in leadership roles. Individual contributors will gain an understanding of their role within the context of innovation; managers will learn how to create the organizational structures that will foster innovation. This program can also be tailored to an audience of executives and leaders.

Consulting, Workshops & Training

Workshops and training present opportunities to examine key  topics with your team. These sessions are customized to reflect your current challenges.

Workshops are appropriate for senior executives or development groups. We facilitate half-day to three-day sessions.