Consulting, Workshops & Training


If you want your employees to perform effectively, align your culture with your strategy.

How can you improve your organization's culture? Is is a culture in which people trust one another?

In this 2-day program, our experts will coach your organization's leaders to diagnose the appropriate culture based on your business strategy. We will help them incorporate appropriate cultural norms.

The program is offered at your facility, with classes meeting for two days..

Example participant responses: "I had not realized until I took this course how some of our behavior is at odds with our goals. Now I see how we can correct that.."

Audience: mid-level managers, directors, executives.


Consulting, Workshops & Training

Workshops and training present opportunities to examine key  topics with your team. These sessions are customized to reflect your current challenges.

Workshops are appropriate for senior executives or development groups. We facilitate half-day to three-day sessions.