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Business Innovation Initiatives

When you and your team are looking at new ways to work with your customers, you are looking at Business Innovations. Business innovations are quite different from product innovations, and this program will help your team's readiness to recognize business opportunities and to capitalize on them. And it will help you understand the nature of disruptive innovations and how to avoid traps.

Dealing with Disruptive Technologies: How do you find the Business Opportunity for Your Organization?

Case in Point: Social Media and Crisis Mapping: The Haitian Earthquake

Case in Point: Cloud Computing

Identifying Business Opportunities:

Case in Point: News Delivery and the Huffington Post

How can an Innovation Council help you?

How will you deal with resistance to change?

How can you leverage a Pilot Roll Out program?

What do you need in your framework or infrastructure to support innovation?

What sort of Metrics make sense for your firm?

What sort of Evaluation Criteria will you use to weigh the value of innovative ideas?

How will you assess disruptive technologies?

How will you use/engage your distributors and partners?

How will you use your customers?

How will you forecast technology change?

Does it make sense to have a Lead User program?

How can you avoid the rollercoaster that occurs when employees get excited about a new initiative and then feel discouraged when it does not materialize?

Our program for Business Innovation Initiatives is best suited for the team tasked with leading the program. We meet initially for one day, and, if the team needs coaching, we arrange for monthly coaching.

Audience: Innovation Leadership Teams. This program can also be tailored to an audience of executives and leaders.

Consulting, Workshops & Training

Workshops and training present opportunities to examine key  topics with your team. These sessions are customized to reflect your current challenges.

Workshops are appropriate for senior executives or development groups. We facilitate half-day to three-day sessions.

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